Core Values



Recognizing that our first responsibility is stewardship, we seek to be in service of the highest good through our practice of family philanthropy on behalf the human and natural communities of Georgia.


Recognizing that the relationships we cultivate facilitate our ability to be effective, we do this work as friends.


Recognizing that we do our best work when we do it together, we orient internal and external relationships toward collaboration.


Recognizing that we move forward best when we move forward together, we make decisions by consensus and are willing to have difficult conversations to arrive there.


Recognizing inherent limits of the status quo, internally and externally, we value innovation, accept risk associated with failure, and learn from mistakes to the best of our ability.

Empathic Partnership

Recognizing that community partners who do the actual work typically know what’s best for their context, we do our best to listen, understand, and honor their guidance.


Recognizing there will be times when our experience, expertise, and resources position us to lead within the philanthropic sector and the communities we serve, we stand ready to exercise that responsibility with humility and care.